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Precautions for the selection and operation of stackers

2020-07-07 16:03

One, the choice of stacker
Stacker trucks are mainly used for stacking shelves and lifting goods.
Stacker trucks are classified into full-electric stackers, semi-electric stackers, manual stackers, pedal stackers, and hand-operated stackers according to their usage methods. Users can choose suitable models according to their needs. The load-bearing capacity of the stacker is generally 0.1 to 1.5 tons, and the width of the working channel is generally 2.3 to 2.8 meters. In terms of structure, it has more mast than the electric pallet handling forklift. The fork lift height of the stacker is generally within 4.5 meters;
2. The operating procedures of the stacker truck:    

1. The operator of the stacker must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with super performance.
2. Daily inspection of the following items of the stacker:
(1) Check the control and driving devices of the stacker, if they are damaged or defective, they should be repaired;
   (2) Check the stacker's roof guard, shelf, various switches, operating handles, pedals, wheels and fasteners;
   (3) Keep the proper starting speed when the stacker is started. Pay attention to the voltage of the voltmeter. If it is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop running immediately. Pay attention to whether the sound of the drive system and the steering system is normal. If the abnormal sound of the stacker is found, troubleshoot in time and strictly prohibit working with diseases.
   (4) The load should not exceed the specified value when the stacker is moving, the forks must be inserted under the cargo, and the cargo should be evenly placed on the forks, and no single fork tip is allowed to pick objects;
   (5) The stacker shall start, turn, drive, brake and stop smoothly, and slow down when turning on wet or slippery roads;
   (6) The driving and lifting of the stacker should not be carried out at the same time,
   (7) Pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes when driving a stacker; no people are allowed to stand on the forks, and no people are allowed on the truck;
   (8) People are not allowed to stand or walk under the forks; do not carry unfixed or loosely stacked goods, be careful to carry large-sized goods; do not exceed the maximum load of the forklift during exercise  
   (9) Under normal circumstances, the stacker cannot operate the walking motor and the hoisting motor at the same time, otherwise the battery discharge current will be too large, which will reduce the efficiency and affect the service life;
(10) Do not allow the stacker truck to be charged until the forklift cannot be moved. This will shorten the battery life; the battery contains high voltage and energy. Do not allow tools to approach the battery poles to avoid sparks or short circuits; When the forklift is traveling, it is not allowed to flip the direction switch to change the traveling direction to prevent burning of electrical components and damage to the gears.



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