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Share the safe operation rules of hydraulic lifting platform

2020-07-07 16:13

Safety operation rules of hydraulic lifting platform:

One purpose: This regulation is used to guide the operator in the correct operation and use of hydraulic lifting platform equipment.

Two operating procedures:

1. Carefully check the parts of the lifting platform before work, focusing on checking whether the screw connection is reliable,

Whether the hydraulic pipeline components are leaking, whether the wire contacts are loose or damaged, etc.

2. Before the lifting platform is raised or lowered, the four-corner outriggers should be properly supported. The four outriggers should be firmly supported

On the ground, adjust the work surface to a horizontal state (visual inspection is sufficient). Turn on the power, the indicator light should be on. Then start the motor, the oil pump works, and lift it once or twice under no load, and then start to work after checking that all parts are operating normally. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, the oil pump should be operated for 3-5 minutes, and the operation can be carried out after confirming that the oil pump is working normally.

3. After entering the platform, the operator should close the guardrail door, insert the bolt, and fasten the safety rope. The center of the load (the position where the person can stand) should be as close as possible to the center of the work surface.

4. Lifting and lowering: Press the "lift" button to start the motor, the motor rotates, the hydraulic system works, the cylinder extends, and the platform rises; when it reaches the height required for work, press the motor "stop" button, the platform stops lifting , You can work. If you don't press the "stop" button, when the platform rises to the calibration height (the machine is 8 meters), the travel switch will work and the platform will stop at the calibration height. After the work is finished, press the "down" button, the solenoid valve will act. At this time, the oil return of the oil cylinder is connected, and the platform is lowered by its own weight.

5. It is strictly forbidden to overload the hydraulic platform (the rated load of this machine is 300 kg), and the operating personnel on the platform are not allowed to move during the lifting and lowering process.

6. When moving or towing the hydraulic platform, the support legs should be stowed and the platform should be lowered to the lowest position. It is strictly forbidden to move the platform when the operator is in a high position.

7. When the platform fails to work normally, the power supply should be cut off in time for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment with diseases. Non-professionals should not disassemble hydraulic and electrical components.

8. Do not use the machine when the ground is unstable; do not lift the platform when the platform is not stable, the outriggers are not adjusted, leveled, and the ground is not secure;

9. Do not adjust or retract the outriggers when there are people on the platform or when it is raised;

10. Do not move the machine when the platform is raised. If you need to move, please shrink the platform first and relax your legs;

11. Do not use this machine to lift goods or equipment, this machine is limited to carrying people and tools;

12. Do not conduct outdoor work under strong wind conditions;

13. Do not push or pull objects outwards during operation;

14. Do not sit, lie, stand or climb on the platform guardrail;

15. It is strictly forbidden to stand people or pile up debris under the lifting platform;

16. Do not use this machine as the grounding of electric welding center line;

17. Do not use this machine under all foreseeable dangerous conditions.

18. Mast type series lifts, the rated load includes people and carry items, so please do not overload;

19. The level must be adjusted before use, otherwise it cannot be used;

20. The elevator is not allowed to move or adjust the base during work;

21. It is not allowed to climb or stand on the guardrail of the manned platform;

22. It should be used on a solid and flat ground, and it is never allowed to use it on a temporarily erected platform, truck (truck, truck, uncovered car), bed or extended surface;

23. When the lift is working, no load is allowed to touch the side to prevent accidents;

24. The feet are as soft as the ground, so make firm stows and adjust them properly;

25. When the lift is working, no people are allowed to stand under the manned frame;

26. The mast-type lift cannot be used tilted, and when it is used close to a high wall, the lifting height shall not be greater than the height of the high wall;

27. The driver must carefully check whether the electrical system, hydraulic system and mechanical system of the platform are normal before working every day, and run the platform without load for several times to check for faults and abnormal phenomena, and pay attention to the platform stop. Whether there is a significant abnormal gap in the accuracy of the landing.

28. The driver locks and locks the movable doors at both ends of the barrier before working and starts the bell. It is strictly forbidden to work with the movable doors of the barrier open. The emergency stop switch can be used to stop the platform in case of special circumstances while the platform is running, but it is prohibited to use the emergency stop switch to stop the platform during normal operation.

29. The driver shall be responsible for supervising the distribution of goods transported by the platform on the table as evenly as possible to prevent partial load and prohibit overloading. The platform is not allowed to carry people and carry dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive, and it is forbidden to climb and shake when it is raised.

30. Drivers are strictly prohibited from leaving their posts and wiping, lubricating or repairing the platform while working on the platform. When the work is completed, the driver should cut off the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the shift record.

31. When the platform breaks down or fails to work properly, the maintenance personnel should be notified immediately to repair. If it is found to be dangerous or may cause a personal mechanical accident, it should be stopped immediately, the main power supply of the computer room should be cut off, and the management department should be reported to the repair and proceed. It can be used after detailed inspection.



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