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Share the use cases and precautions of the lifting platform

2020-07-07 16:09

Use case of lifting platform:


Interior decoration often encounter headaches, so if ordinary ladders can't reach it! How to solve it?

The simple method is to tie two ladders, wrap them firmly on the top, and connect them with a 1.2-meter rope below to form a simple triangular support. The ladder should be about 4.5 meters high. In this case, how about not considering safety first? It is very troublesome because it is inconvenient to move.

I suggest a safe approach: use an electric lifting platform. The electric elevator has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient movement, stable lifting, small swing, large load capacity, large platform area, good stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation. With its light appearance, it can exert the highest lifting capacity in a small space. The product is equipped with an emergency lowering device, a safety device to prevent overloading of the elevator, a leakage protection device and a phase failure protection device, and a safety explosion-proof device to prevent the hydraulic pipeline from rupturing in the event of a power failure.

Electric lifting platforms are widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, etc. It can be used for maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, replacement of lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipelines, etc., and high-altitude cleaning. Work at heights for single work. It can easily enter and exit the general doorway corridor, and can enter the general elevator to send into the multi-story building operation; using two-phase or three-phase power as the power, stepless speed change, making the user's aerial work more and more safer and more convenient. Low noise. It is convenient and quick to use, and it is an ideal equipment for climbing operations.


The invention of the lifting platform of skyscrapers made skyscrapers possible, and passenger transportation is also the most common use of elevators. The passenger capacity required by the passenger lift is related to the area and purpose of the building. The passenger capacity of general passenger lifts varies from hundreds of kilograms to more than 2,000 kilograms. The lifts used in buildings below four floors may be hydraulic. The elevator speed used in buildings below ten floors is generally 1.5 meters per second (300 feet per minute). The speed above ten floors can reach 2.5 meters/second (500 feet/minute), or even 6 meters/second (1200 feet/minute).

Most high-rise office buildings are equipped with passenger lifting platforms. In order to increase the speed and efficiency of elevators and the usable area of ​​buildings, most high-rise buildings divide elevators into groups, each group is responsible for some floors, and different adjustments and dispatches are made according to the usage patterns of different floors and different times. There are also some very tall skyscrapers. Passengers need to use the non-stop fast elevator on the way, first go from the ground to the high-rise sky lobby (i.e., the high-rise elevator lobby, Sky lobby), and then transfer to the elevator between different floors to the destination. A few high-rise buildings are equipped with the latest elevators. You can use the elevator pre-calling system to pre-call the designated floor to be reached in the office floor or lobby.

The author once rode in the "Cab" (Cab) of the passenger lift platform of some luxury clubs, which are beautifully decorated, some of which are decorated with marble and gold. Some passenger elevators also have air conditioning and TV sets for passengers to watch. Some passenger elevator cars are transparent and are placed on the outer wall of the building for sightseeing

Freight lifting platform is a kind of special freight lifting machinery that must be controlled by human hands. Freight elevators are generally larger than passenger elevators and have more load, ranging from 2000 to 5000 kg, and most of them are traction. There is generally no very good decoration in the freight elevator, so as to avoid damage when the goods are transported, there is usually a dedicated elevator controller on duty to control the elevator door switch.

There is a very small cargo lift platform, called dumb waiter in English, which is used to transport food, cups and plates in multi-storey restaurants. This type of debris lift is also used to transport books in multi-story libraries.

In construction sites, warehouses and other places, rack and pinion meshing elevators (commonly known as "cages" in Hong Kong) are sometimes used to transport goods and allow workers to ride. This kind of lifting platform has no elevator shaft and uses rack rails to support and move the car.

There are also supermarkets, parking lots, 4S shops and so on. In other words, elevators are very popular in life, which is convenient for your production and life.


Anti-falling safety device, safety switch

The anti-falling safety device is an important part of the construction hoist, and it is necessary to rely on it to eliminate the occurrence of cage falling accidents and ensure the safety of the occupants. Therefore, the factory test of the anti-falling safety device is very strict. Before leaving the factory, the legal inspection unit will measure the torque, measure the critical speed, and measure the spring compression. Each unit is accompanied by a test report and assembled on the construction elevator. Afterwards, the drop test under the rated load is carried out. Therefore, the elevator in use on the construction site must be subjected to a drop test every three months. For the anti-falling safety device that has been manufactured for two years (the date of manufacture on the anti-falling safety device), it must also be sent to a legal inspection unit for inspection and testing, and then tested once a year. So far, very few people have sent for inspection. Some construction sites never even do a drop test every three months. They all think that there is no problem with their anti-fall safety devices, but they regret it if there is an accident. Why not test and submit for inspection regularly according to the system? It is good to use the unit blindly thinking that it is never bad. In fact, the quality of the anti-falling safety device can only be judged through testing and inspection. It is impossible to determine whether it is good or bad in daily operation. For those anti-falling safety devices that have been in service over time, it is recommended that they still be submitted for inspection and inspection earlier. It is better to test regularly, and only if you know what to do, you can prevent serious accidents before they happen.

The safety switches of the lift are all designed according to safety requirements, including fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, limit switch, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight anti-break rope protection switch, etc. In some construction sites, in order to save trouble, some limit switches are deliberately cancelled and short-circuited, or they are never repaired in time after they are damaged, which is equivalent to canceling these safety lines of defense and planting hidden accidents. For example: the hanging cage needs to be loaded with long things, and the hanging cage must never be placed inside the cage and needs to be extended out of the hanging cage. Therefore, the door limit or the top door limit is deliberately cancelled. When the above-mentioned safety facilities are by no means perfect or incomplete, Even if people and loads are carried, this kind of illegal operation is a joke on human lives. In order to avoid potential accidents, it is hoped that the leaders of the unit will strengthen management, and the elevator maintenance and operators are strictly required to check the safety and reliability of various safety switches on a regular basis to prevent them. The accident happened.

Wear and replacement of gears and racks

Construction on the construction site, the working environment is harsh, cement, mortar, and dust can never be eliminated. The gears and racks are grinding each other, and the teeth are still in use after they are sharpened. This should be paid attention to. As we all know, the tooth profile should be like a cantilever beam. When worn to a certain size, the gear (or rack) must be replaced. To what extent should I stop using it and replace it with a new one? It can be measured with a 25-50mm common normal micrometer. When the length of the common normal of the gear is worn from 37.1mm to a size smaller than 35.1mm (2 teeth), a new gear must be replaced. When the rack is worn, measured by the tooth thickness caliper, when the chord height is 8mm, the tooth thickness is worn from 12.56mm to less than 10.6mm. Some kind of rack needs to be replaced, but there are many "old teeth" gears and racks on the construction site. The elevator is still in overdue service. For safety reasons, new parts must be replaced.

Definition of duty cycle

The elevators on the construction site are frequently operated and the utilization rate is high, but they are forced to consider the problem of the intermittent working system of the motor, which is also the problem of the temporary load rate (sometimes called the load duration rate), which is defined as FC=working cycle time /Load time×100%, where the working cycle time is the load time and the downtime. The elevators on some construction sites are rented by leasing companies, and the total amount is to be fully utilized. Therefore, the temporary load rate of the motor (FC=40% or 25%) is completely ignored. Why does the motor never generate heat? Some of them are also used because they have a burnt smell. This is a very abnormal operation. If the transmission system is poorly lubricated or has such a large running resistance, overloaded use, or frequent starting, then it is especially a small horse-drawn cart. Therefore, every driver on the construction site must understand the concept of duty cycle and act according to scientific laws. This kind of motor itself is designed for intermittent operation.

Buffer security door

The last line of defense for the safety of the construction elevator is the buffer on the construction elevator. First, it must be installed. Second, it must have a certain strength, can withstand the impact of the elevator's rated load, and serve as a buffer. Many construction sites, some still have settings, but they are not enough to serve as a buffer. There is no buffer at all on the site. This is a radical mistake. I hope that the use unit will pay attention to the inspection. You despise this last line of defense.

Each parking floor of the construction lift shall be equipped with parking safety protection doors. Obviously, if it is never set up as required, construction workers waiting at high places are very prone to accidental falls. When setting the parking safety protection door, it should be ensured that the highest point of the safety protection door is never less than 1.8m, and the landing door should have an interlocking device. The protection door cannot be opened when the cage has not reached the parking position to ensure the safety of operators. It is common on construction sites that people waiting for the construction elevator can open the safety protection door in real time. This is very dangerous and should be taken seriously.

Basic fence

According to the regulations of GB10055, “The basic fence should be equipped with mechanical interlock or electric interlock, and the mechanism interlock should make the cage can only be located at the specified position at the bottom, the basic fence door can be opened, and the electrical interlock should enable the protective fence After opening, the cage stops and must never be started". There are many construction elevators. When the cage is approaching the fence door, the bottom of the cage presses a beam to move downwards, and the reversing pulley wire rope drives the fence door to open upwards. This is never allowed, and it is very easy to close the fence. People cause harm.

The rope heads of the steel wire ropes in each part should be connected in a reliable way, such as pouring, braiding, forging, and using wedge-shaped solid parts. For example, the number of U-shaped rope clamps shall not be less than 3. The number of rope clamps is related to the distance between the rope clamps and the diameter of the steel rope, and is related to the rope diameter. The number of matching rope clamps, the diameter of the wire rope is -36, and the least number of rope clamps is 3456.

The distance between the rope clamps must not be less than 6 times the diameter of the wire rope, and the length between the rope head and the last rope clamp must not be less than 140mm, and it needs to be tied with thin steel wire. The pulley of the rope clamp is placed on the side of the wire rope when it is working, U-shaped The bolts are fastened at the end of the wire rope, and the rope clamps must not be staggered. However, many construction sites have a weak sense of safety. When using rope clamps for fixing, the number of rope clamps, the distance between the ropes, the length of the end, and the length of the end are arbitrary. They are not in accordance with the standard, resulting in only 80%-85% of the original joint strength. At a discount, leaving a safety hazard.

Top control box of hanging cage

GB10055 stipulates that "the top of the cage should be equipped with a control box for maintenance or disassembly, and it should only be allowed to run at a speed no higher than 0.65m/s under the condition of multiple speeds. When using the top of the cage When controlling the box, other operating devices are ineffective. At this time, the safety device of the cage still plays a protective role. The top of the cage should be controlled by a constant pressure button or a bistable switch. Reset the emergency stop switch separately to cut off the circuit at any time and stop the action of the cage". This article is mainly aimed at SC type construction hoists. Very few products of enterprises can meet the five requirements of this article: including products designed by some famous design units. What is the disadvantage of not meeting these five requirements? It is possible that a safety accident may be caused by the misoperation of the installation and maintenance personnel. It is hoped that the relevant users will conduct a comparative inspection of the construction hoist, especially the old products, if they absolutely do not meet the above regulations, they should actively take measures to transform them.

Fault phase protection

The overvoltage, undervoltage, and fault mutual protection device is when there is a voltage drop, overvoltage, or phase or phase failure of the electrical circuit, the protection device will act and the construction hoist will stop running. On some construction sites, the maintenance personnel of the construction lift never remove the faults that cause the over-voltage and under-voltage faulty mutual protection devices to operate in time, or cancel or short-circuit the protection devices to make them inoperative, leaving hidden dangers for the equipment. Some Early products really did not have this protection device, and it is recommended to be equipped. The construction hoist should be able to carry people and goods under such conditions of undervoltage and faulty mutual protection devices that are reliable and effective.



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