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Share knowledge about maintenance methods of lifting platform

2020-07-07 16:09


Lifting platform maintenance method:

1. The platform truck must be equipped with professional drivers and operators, who have been specially trained, passed the examination, and have a certificate to work; according to the actual situation of the work, the above-mentioned personnel can concurrently serve each other, but the concurrent personnel must have the concurrent work Employment certificate, and approved by the leader in charge, in addition to assume corresponding responsibilities. After the construction is completed, the platform truck needs to be moved on the site, and the platform truck should be operated by a professional driver.

2. The driver of the platform truck must follow the mechanical maintenance regulations and start the platform truck after performing various inspections and maintenance. Before work, check the working range of the platform truck to remove obstacles that hinder the platform truck's rotation and walking.

3. The outrigger is an important preparation for the operation of the platform truck. You should choose a flat ground, such as the foundation is soft or undulating, and you must add a wooden pad to confirm that the force is correct, and then you can start the work.

4. Generally speaking, the platform truck should raise the lower arm first, raise the middle arm again, and finally raise the upper arm. During the slewing operation of the platform truck, the lower arm must be raised to a certain height before it can slew. The slewing process should be slow. Pay attention to whether the distance between each arm and the platform and each equipment meets safety requirements.

5. Workers on the platform truck should wear seat belts. When working in a live area, the vehicle body should be grounded according to regulations. The platform truck climbing operation should be directed by the person in charge of the work. The person in charge should follow the GB5082 signal and platform truck operator Make contact. The signal sent must be clear and accurate.

6. Before the operation of the platform truck, the person in charge of the work should make technical and safety briefings to the platform truck operators and all personnel participating in the work. The content should include: job content and requirements; safety precautions and dangerous points; personnel division of labor and scope of responsibility ; Safety precautions and dangerous points; personnel division and scope of responsibility; in addition to inspecting the conditions of the vehicle and the work of the staff, the person responsible for the job is also responsible for checking the terrain environment and whether the take-off and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or pre-made If there are discrepancies in the work plan, corresponding measures should also be worked out before work can begin.

7. If this regulation conflicts with national or industry regulations, it shall be implemented in accordance with national or industry regulations.

1. Electric platform truck, electric lifting platform truck, flipping platform truck, roller type platform truck, platform truck carrier; check each contact movement pair of the lifting platform (roller and guide rail, fork arm intermediate shaft and sleeve, cylinder pin and support plate, bearing Wait for wear.)

2. Add lubricating oil to each contact movement part.

3. Check the oil quality and oil level of the hydraulic oil. If the hydraulic oil becomes dark, sticky, or has foreign objects such as gravel, it should be replaced in time; after the lifting platform is fully raised, the hydraulic oil level should be higher than the mark under the oil level.



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