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 “Innovation, practice, sincerity, endeavor and win-win”is the consistent pursuit of whole staff in Zhejiang Heirrmu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, The Company strictly follows the ISO9000 quality management system to focus on every detail of every product. The company products have passed national compulsive “3C” certification comprehensively with the quality value of “The detail embodies quality”. The products has been comprehensively applied into the fields such ship manufacturing, automobile, electric power, petrifaction, mental structure and installment and so on, which are well welcomed by all kinds of customers. We will try our best efforts to maximize customers’ benefits and give top priority to our product quality; we will attach importance to service in time, think what customer thinks and worry about what customer worry consistently standing for customer. We will carry out our win-win goal with silent language; we will prove we can achieve our promises strictly with our sincere practice. We sincerely welcome all kinds of customers come to our company to guide, exchange and cooperation, jointly make best efforts to promote the development of this industry and create our future. 

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We sincerely look forward to cooperating with customers sincerely, and returning customers' satisfactory quality and service.

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